Executive MBA | Programme

Enhance and develop your knowledge and skills to empower you as a leader.


The Leaders Vision: Strategic and Financial Issues

  • Financial issues: accounting, finance, investments, corporate finance information
  • Strategic issues: marketing, IS management, strategy and competition, strategic simulation (serious game), geostrategy, sustainable development and energy transition
  • Management: governance, steering, lean management, criminal business law

Targeted skills:

  • Establishing a strategy to be broken down into an action plan
  • Managing/deploying financial levers for value creation
  • Building an efficient financial strategy

The Leader, Guide and Coach

  • Skills and team building
  • Crisis management
  • Body communication
  • Eloquence and persuasion
  • Coaching workshops

Targeted skills:

  • Managing a diverse workforce
  • Asserting your leadership

International Business

  • Economy business, strategy, and culture
  • International finance
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Corporate visits

Targeted skills:

Developing your intercultural management skills

Professional Project

An individual expertise project will be developed throughout the training. Focused on the creation of a new business (company, entrepreneurship), change management to succeed, optimisation of resources to operate. Supervision is provided by a senior professional.

Teaching Methodology