Our Boards & People

Chair of the Academic Board

Co-chairs of the Committee

Staff Members of the Committee

DLSU Officers

  • Dr Maximiliam Hoell

    Undergraduate Programmes Director; Academic Lead, Social Sciences

  • Valerie Yvone Bernard-Allan

    Lecturer in Sociology

  • Dr Samuel Hinds

    Academic Lead, Management

  • Dr Hussein Hassan

    Academic Lead, Economics

  • Dr Nazia Mansoor

    Academic Lead, Economics

  • Michael Abeyta

    Lecturer in Management

  • Umair Ahsan

    Lecturer in English and Communication

  • Vincent Assamoi

    Lecturer in Linear Algebra

  • Patricia Glass

    Lecturer in Employment Law

  • Mati Kaim

    Academic Lead, Languages and Communication and Senior Lecturer

  • Anne Boisier-Fouché

    Lecturer in Marketing

  • Samantha Benedetto

    Marketing and Communications Officer

  • Kevin Coyne

    Dean of Student Life - Education Coach

  • Marie Dargelos-Lepage

    Lecturer in Marketing

  • Clotilde de Cacqueray

    Education Coach

  • Dr Maria Dymova

    Lecturer in Optimization

  • Medhi El-Azhari

    Entrepreneur in Residence - Incubator

  • Sandor Balogh

    Student Life and Facilities Officer

  • Sophie Guerin

    Lecturer in Statistics

  • Jason Lermyte

    Lecturer in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

  • Dr Ian Stewart

    Lecturer in Strategy

  • Van Huynh

    Lecturer in Financial Accounting

  • Wiyah Ishak

    Lecturer in English and Communication

  • Jason Harper

    Programmes Administrative Assistant

  • Julija Jeremic

    Quality and Programmes Manager

  • Anna Jones

    Lecturer in English and Communication

  • Jean-François Le Gal

    Lecturer in Contract Law

  • Lawrence Lemoine

    Lecturer in Tax Law

  • Aude Grasset

    Lecturer in Ecologic Challenges of 21st Century

  • Aletha Holborough

    Lecturer in Human Resources Management

  • Claire Marzo

    Lecturer in Law

  • Charles Marquand

    Lecturer in Business Law

  • Gemma Mc Grath

    Lecturer in Human resources

  • Rachel McKinney

    Finance and Student Visas Manager

  • Véronique Mendy

    Quality and Programmes Administrator

  • Lilit Nagapetyan

    Lecturer in Public Law

  • Handy Tan

    Lecturer in Finance and Economics

Mr. Yannick Naud, MsC

Mrs, Mélanie Broyé-Engelkes, MsC

Pr. Sébastien Damart

Pr. Dorothée Gallois-Cochet

Mr. Fabrice Georget, MsC