Executive MBA

An exclusive blended learning approach for ambitious executives
70% online, 30% on-site

Welcome to our Executive MBA, a 20-month blended programme to move your career forward.

Flexible Learning Experience

70% online e-learning, 30% on-site gathering

Unique Approach to Management

Focus on inclusive & responsible management

Level up your Network

Immerse yourself into Dauphine ecosystem for life

The Objectives

Who is it for?

Admissions & fees

The MBA at a glance

70 days / 490 hours over 20 months
Upcoming start date
15 April 2021
3 days per month (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and 3 weeks of on-site gathering (2 in London, 1 in Paris)
Online e-learning (70%), London (20%), Paris (10%)
Degree or certificate issued
The Dauphine London – PSL Executive MBA leads to the award of the MBA of Université Paris Dauphine – PSL, a selective world-class higher education institution recognized as a ‘Grand Etablissement’ in France.