Bachelor’s in Economics and Management
Third Year


    After studying the first two years of the Bachelor's in Economics and Management, the third-year option allows you to specialise and pick what best aligns with your career ambitions. Four Majors are available:

    • Management 

    Available in London, Paris or at partner universities worldwide

    • Economics

    Available in Paris or at partner universities worldwide

    • Social Sciences

    Available in Paris or at partner universities worldwide

    • Law

    Available in Paris for students who have followed the double curriculum in Law

    Dauphine London offers the Management Major, with a similar curriculum to the Management Major offered in Paris, but taught exclusively in English, with an anglophone focus. What you will learn in your third year:

    Essentials in Management:

    • Accounting and Financial Reporting
    • Management Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Human Resources Management
    • Taxation
    • Strategy and Marketing Essentials

    High standards towards proficiency in multiple languages:

    • CEFR C1 level of English as the minimum target for all students
    • Possibility of studying a 2nd foreign language at the UCL Center of Languages and International education
    • Opportunity to study a 3rd foreign language for our students who have already attained a CEFR C2 Level in English

    Social Sciences:

    • Law (business and contract)
    • Sociology

    Soft Skills & Networking:

    The Dauphine's Alumni community in the UK and in London is very active and this programme is a chance to engage in activities with professionals and start building a network. These are the first steps for our students to find their end-of-year internship. Various workshops and extra-curricular projects (including UCL Student Societies and Dauphine London Student Societies) are offered throughout the year, helping our students to sharpen their soft skills. Financial electives courses, Financial Math and Applied Statistics for Business are also available.

    International Advantage

    BEM London's first and second year curriculum is designed to give students the basic knowledge, skills and techniques they need in Economics, Management and Social Sciences to successfully complete the third and final year of their Bachelor's degree, whether:

    • At Dauphine London campus (only Management Major available)
    • At Université Paris Dauphine - PSL campus,
    • At one of Dauphine's international partner universities* (exchange programmes and double degrees)

    *With 315 partner universities worldwide, Dauphine helps you study where you want. Some of our previous students have gone on to study in Madrid, Frankfurt, New York and Singapore, choosing the third-year option that best aligns with their career ambitions.