Dauphine London - PSL celebrates everyday as if it was Earth Day

We at Dauphine London - PSL encourage our students and staff to use reusable water bottles, not to use single use plastics, recycle!

Here are some more ideas on how to be more environmentally literate.

We at Dauphine London - PSL encourage our students and staff to use reusable water bottles, not to use single use plastics, recycle as much as possible and use reused and recycled equipment. We take the saying Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and add the word Repeat in our everyday life.

So here are ten tips from Dauphine on how we can help out our planet:

  1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!
    • Be more considerate of what you throw away. Follow the three R’s (and add Repeat) to conserve our natural resources and things like landfill space.
  2. Volunteer
    • Volunteering in your community can be a great way to do group cleanups and encourages other people to get involved.
  3. Educate
    • When you further your own education, you can assist others to understand the importance and value of our natural resources and ways in which we can act to protect them.
  4. Conserve water
    • Limiting the amount of water you use means there is less water being wasted and the excess runoff that ends up in the ocean.
  5. Choose sustainable
    • Learn how to make smart choices when buying goods such as meat and dairy.
  6. Shop wisely
    • Buy products that use less plastic or have a clear recycling sign present and bring a reusable shopping bag with you.
  7. Use long-lasting light bulbs
    • Energy efficient light bulbs reduce the amount of electricity you consume and in turn reduces on greenhouse gas emissions.
  8. Plant a tree
    • Trees clean the air by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and give back oxygen.
  9. Do not send chemicals into our waterways
    • Choose to use non-toxic chemicals at home.
  10. Bike more
    • Or walk more if you can not bike but driving less means less dangerous greenhouse gas emissions are emitted.

This year’s Earth day theme is “Restore Our Earth”, with everyone being urged to focus not only on how we can reduce our impact on the planet, but also on how we might actively repair the world’s ecosystems. Take our Students Society, the Dau’Green, as an example; they recently took over our campus rooftop to plant a variety of seedlings and saplings. We are very proud of the work they have done and we look forward to seeing the plants flourish and grow and harvesting some strawberries in the future.


External sources:https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/ocean/earthday.html

Published on 22 April 2021