Summer School Testimonials from Alumni

Tempted to spend the summer with us? Read the testimonials of our former Summer School students.

We asked our former students to share their testimonial about their Summer School experience...

International Management Summer School Alumni

Chiara Vaccari, 2021 cohort

“The School allowed me to enhance my English communication skills, which I am now using on a daily basis, working for a multinational company negotiating contracts with the USA! I strongly believe the tips I received on how to build my CV and LinkedIn profile have helped me to set me apart. I really recommend this experience, it can only broaden your horizons!”

Daniela Belen Pantuso, 2021 cohort

“I love languages and wanted to develop my communication skills and more specifically intercultural awareness. This is a highly valuable skill to have in order to build a global brand. The School’s dynamic was also excellent, we were all well-looked after, beyond the academic side of the courses”. 

Daniela Bratu, 2019 cohort

"I’ve learnt how important communication and presentation skills are in an international working environment, as well as solid professional knowledge in business management and marketing! The programme allowed me to get outside my comfort zone, gain confidence and meet great friends from everywhere".

Finance Summer School Alumni 

Nour Bouzouita, 2019 cohort

"I am a graduate of Paris Dauphine - PSL campus in Tunis and I was lucky to be part of the 2019 Finance Summer School cohort. This experience was enriching in several aspects. First, we were taught a very diversified set of courses that went from Market Finance in Investment Banks to Valuation Methods used in M&A. Spending six weeks immersed in this in-depth learning environment allowed me to have a complete understanding of the finance field. On the other hand, the School provides a significant added value in my professional construction. There are so many opportunities to network, to learn more about the finance industry and thus, to shape your aspirations. The company visits taught me a lot, as did the professors we met and with whom I built relationships that I still maintain today. Of course, I can't not mention the personal impact of this experience. It is an immersion in the heart of the London capital where we were surrounded by the best in the business. Knowing more about the field allows us to know more about ourselves, what we want and therefore, what to specialize in. I highly recommend the adventure of the Finance Summer School for anyone who is thinking of joining the financial sector."

Maxime Le Gouariguer, 2019 & 2021 cohort

"After having first completed the International Summer School in 2019, two years later, I  wanted to join the Finance Summer School to dive in the world of finance in a manner not possible in a classic classroom setting. The School bridged theory and practice and the reduced-sized environment allows us to be at the forefront of the subject. Visiting companies in the City and meeting with high-level professionals are definitively the golden opportunity to learn from their experiences and testimonials. It helps us to build our international network, to polish our English language skills and strengthen our leadership, strategy, communication, and presentation skills, all of which are key success factors in an international working environment.. I do recommend it !"

Valentina Burca, 2021 cohort

“I was studying the Bachelor’s in Organizational Management at Dauphine - PSL, when I joined the Finance Summer School, a rigorous and academically intensive programme with courses delivered by experts in the financial sector. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about the functioning of Anglo-Saxon financial institutions as well as to explore career paths in finance or economics and expand knowledge in corporate and market finance. The course contributes to developing financial and business acumen, perfecting critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. After completing this School, I can only recommend it !”


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